Personnel Khevre photo of the band     Khevre The new Jewish music band from Boston, has quickly become one of the innovative leaders in the Klezmer scene.

Klezmer, literally meaning "instrument of song" is the traditional Jewish music of Eastern Europe. By fusing ethnically diverse musical genres, these conservatory trained musicians have "truly brought this music up to date", says Hankus Netsky, founder of The Klezmer Conservatory Band.

While immersed in the
Jewish tradition, the music of Khevre creatively blends elements of jazz, Latin, Turkish, and American Folk music to craft a refreshingly unique sound, establishing an important place in the Klezmer world for these young musicians.

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Khevre consists of:

Michael Winograd-Clarinet/Saxophone

Aoife O'Donovan

Eylem Basaldi-Violin

Carmen Staaf-Piano/Accordian

Jorge Roeder-Bass

Richie Barshay-Drums and Percussion



























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